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A Special Thank You.
Neal Ashby for his design inspiration.


E61 Commercial Brew Group with Thermal Siphon This famous group is made of chrome plated brass with maximum heat stability and thermo siphon which circulates hot water from the boiler to the group so the temperature is extremely stable. This brew group delivers smooth thick crema with tiger strips throughout, the optimum result!

The Group Valve
The three-way mechanic valve is a commercial valve when the lever is rotated up the valve opens, water enters into the chamber for pre-infusion and then activates the pump by pressing on the switch behind the lever, when you are finished with the extraction, push the lever down to turn off the pump and allow the valve to release the pressure and unused water into the tray. This serves two functions; it dries the coffee grounds so they become like a cookie thus makes it easy to knock the coffee out of the portafilter with one knock. (No rinsing and cleaning between brews.)

Commercial Pressure Stat
The boiler temperature and pressure is regulated by an adjustable heavy duty commercial Sirai pressure stat. 12 times the size of other machines. Its sensor turns on and off the heating element to insure correct temperature and pressure is maintained.  It carries a lifetime warranty and is on all Salvatore’s espresso machines.

2 liter 1/8“ thick wall copper boiler with a lifetime warranty. 3/4” brass top and bottom with a 2“ diameter heat exchange for brewing and steaming at the same time, 1550 watt heating element

Pressure Gauge The pressure gauge will let you know when the boiler is up to pressure and temperature. Custom made by Salvatore for the lever machine.

OPV valve

Pressure Relief Valve This safety device will relieve excess boiler pressure if for any reason the boiler begins to overheat.

Electronic Controls
The water level in the boiler is controlled by an electronic water level probe. This control is hooked up to sensors in the boiler and when the water level in the boiler is low it turns the pump on to fill the boiler. This is called an autofil system.

Cup Warmer
Extracting the espresso into a warm cup is a must for the best result.

Hot Water Dispenser The hot water wand is located on the right hand side of the machine. Just open the knob and hot water will be delivered through the wand.

Anti-BurnSteam Wand
The steam wand is mounted on a ball joint that swivels 360 degrees. It is high enough and extends out far enough from the machine to accommodate any 20 to 32 ounce frothing pitcher.

Water Reservoir
The espresso machine has a 64 oz. water reservoir that has a machined signature screw cap

Pods Espresso Pods can be used with the use of a filter basket for pods, supplied on request

Naked Portafilter available for this machine

The Body of the Espresso Machine
The frame is made of heavy-duty steel that is powder coated for rust resistance. The cup warmer is 22 gauge brushed stainless steel hand punched for venting. The body is 22 gauge brushed stainless steel for an elegant satin stainless appeal and black sides. Removing the body by unscrewing 2 chrome knobs on each side for easy access

We recommend using filtered water like bottled water, flush the steam wand after frothing the milk by opening the knob let a small amount of steam out then close the knob. Cleaning the brew group, place the blind filter (supplied) and add 1/2 tab of cleaner (supplied) place in the brew group, turn on the brew button and the pump will come on when it starts to change to a quieter sound press the brew button again and the discharge will come into the drip tray, this is done until the water discharged is clear, this back flushing procedure will remove old coffee grounds keeping your coffee tasting fresh and the valve clean so that it functions properly.

All accessories supplied with the machine.
11" wide x 15" tall and 15" deep



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